In Need of a Fresh Start?

Welcome one and all to the Oneonta Campus Ambassadors website!!  Whether you are returning again or coming out to Oneonta for the first time, we are excited to see you!  Oneonta gets boring when you are not around.

Campus Ambassadors is a local college age ministry focused on being a part of a community in love with Jesus, and excited to get His name out there!

As implied by the title of this page, coming to school can be exciting, scary, and a little overwhelming for some.  Most likely you are probably feeling a mix of emotions as you venture out into the unknown.  We hope that Campus Ambassadors, (or CA as we have come to be known as) will be a helpful friend and community to students hoping to connect with others as well as Christ.  There is no reason to go at it alone, especially when there is a limitless God willing and wanting to bring meaning and strength to all that you do here in Oneonta.

At its core college is about discovery.  We now have the ability to invest our focus and energy into our future as we further our education.  For some of us we get to travel to a whole different area, leaving our hometowns and discovering the beauty of the Catskills.  We also have the opportunity to experience a fresh start.  Though it can be scary to go out into the unknown, it is exciting that we get to redefine ourselves in a new context.  No one here knows you for your past, your mistakes, or your upbringing when you enter this new chapter to life.  This is something to get excited about.

We believe that if we allow Him, God is the best author to our stories, and has the best insight to who we really are separate from our past.  This means that if you grew up in a Christian home, God wants to know you in an intimate way apart from your parents influence.  This also means that if you were never exposed to Jesus, you have a chance to start down this journey with Him as you come into your own adulthood.  Take the chance, if you are open, I promise you will not regret becoming a part of the grander story He is telling in Oneonta.

No matter who you are, where you are from, or what you believe, we want to invite you out to our first meeting of the semester.  We will be up at the SUNY Oneonta campus in Lee Hall @7:30 pm.  Here we hope to give you a snapshot at who we are as we tell stories, worship together, and talk about what it is we exactly do as a club.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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