Imagine a room or a building where up to 30-40 brothers and sisters meet with one mind in Christ with fellowship, worship, and the Word.   We have seen countless college students grow not only in their education, but also encounter God in a life alerting way.  A way that has propelled them into the future as husbands, wives, employees and employers living with a purpose, with Christ at the center.

When we meet on Thursday Nights at Bluefields Café, (check out our link on Bluefields Café for more info on the location) the college ministry starts off with a home cooked meal provided by families from our awesome Church, Main Street Baptist.  Great things can happen when we gather together around a table and really get to know each other on a regular basis.

After the meal, our awesome worship team leads us in an incredible time of praise, as we slow down from all that is distracting us from life and focus in on Christ.  This then leads us into a message from a staff member or student leader as they teach how to best encounter Christ as a college student and make Him known on the campuses.

Ending off the night we finish with small groups.  This gives everyone a chance to unpack and respond to the message they just heard together as a group.  This also gives us a consistent place to share with on the stress, joys, or prayer requests on a weekly basis.  This is where a lot of growth happens, as we get to hear from peers and process together what a life changed by Christ looks like.

The main thing that makes Wednesdays great is the fact that when we  get together to take a break from stress, drama, and responsibility of school, and slow down to find God along side like minded individuals.  We may not all be in the same place, and we may not all think the same way, but when we come together as a big weird family we can see beautiful thing happen in our lives and in the lives of others.