If you are a college student in need of guidance and mentorship, we encourage you to contact one of our campus ministers to meet up either in person or via the internet, whichever you are most conformable with during this time.

Peter Eklund- Lead Campus Minister


Phone (607)-435-9140

Peter is involved in a handful of areas in Campus Ambassadors including speaking, providing opportunities for outreach, student leadership training, and new initiatives for the group.  He loves putting on fun events like game nights and movie nights at Bluefields CafĂ© to help welcome new people in.

Chris Deemer- Advisor


Phone: (607)-434-8388

Chris has been working as a campus minister for over 40 years.  He is a deep well of wisdom, knowledge, and insight when it comes to leading Campus Ambassadors in Oneonta.  Don’t pass up on the opportunity to sit down with Chris personally.

Jess Eklund- Connections Director


Phone: (585)-645-7986

Jess is our Connections Director, helping students get acclimated to the group and our home church.  She works to build up our small group leaders in order for them to lead their groups each week.  She also opens up her home for the girls group each week, to give them a break from school and pour into their lives.

Elizabeth Macak- Intern

Elizabeth is our student intern, she brings quality leadership to our group and is eager to meet up with girls connected to our group. She is also the SUNY Oneonta president and is our go to for questions regarding the campus.