MSBC (Main Street Baptist Church)

As Campus Ambassadors staff we encourage you check out Main Street Baptist Church for Sunday services.  There is a 9:30am service every Sunday Morning until we go back to two services later in the fall.

One of Campus Ambassadors core values is that students would become active in a local church, even when away from home and at school. Because of that core value, Campus Ambassadors has always had a great relationship with Main Street Baptist Church. The church is located on the corner of Main and Maple Streets in Downtown Oneonta, with a bus drop off within 30 feet of the church building. Main Street Baptist has always done what it can to welcome students and help them to feel at home when away from home, even going so far as to start a Café (The Bluefields Café) so that students could have a place to get off campus and enjoy each other’s company, while helping their unchurched friends find faith in the process.

At the time of this writing, Main Street Baptist has two Sunday morning services, a more traditional one at 9 am and a more contemporary one at 10:45. They also help many of the outreach efforts done by Campus Ambassador students including Friday night outreach to students and missions trips oversees. The church also offers office space for college ministry staff members to assist in their efforts to positively impact the two campus’s.

What it comes down to is “The church loves students and students love the church”.

Check out the Main Street Baptist Church website!