Bluefields Cafe

Bluefields Café is the home base for Campus Ambassadors.

Located at 40 Walnut St in Oneonta, sharing a parking lot with our church Main Street Baptist, sits the awesome venue called Bluefields Café.  The College Ministry utilizes Bluefields Café for almost everything we do.  Whether we are hanging out on a Saturday Night playing board games, watching movies or football games, cooking together or meeting with one of our awesome staff members, Bluefields is the place to be.

Every Wednesday school is in session, we have dinner and fellowship at 6:00pm. We share a meal prepared by families of the church, praise the Lord together with our worship band, hear a personal story from one of our members and then get into a Bible study. Then we talk it over in small groups. The small groups make it easy to get to know other people and feel connected.

NEW! We also now are using Bluefields Cafe on Saturday Nights each week.  Come out for “Bluefields Saturday Night”, here we open up our coffee bar with free lattes, eat food, and jump into whatever games are planed for this week.  We will have themed holiday parties, karaoke nights, board game nights, and much more.  This is a party you will want to bring your friends to each week.

Bluefields has been a home away from home for many students throughout the years, and you can always count that there will be a pot of coffee on, a quiet space for homework, and staff around to talk to about the joys and stress of being a college student.