Every third year, we go on a mission trip to Central America. Our next trip will be Dec 2023-Jan 2024! This year we will be going to Guatemala to help erect not just a physical church but a church community as well. Each time go we are thrilled how God uses these trips to renew our hearts and ignite in us a love for the nations. We are amazed to see God’s hand at work among the poor, and his work in us. Make plans to come with us!

 Serving the world at large is a huge part of what God intends for us as His ambassadors.  The relationships that exist between us and our friends down in Latin America is such a strong bond that we named our home base (Bluefields Café) after a village we have served in in Nicaragua.
As with most trips we always go thinking that we will go and make a difference in the lives of people who need help, but on countless occasions students have come back home with a full heart and greater appreciation for the impact made upon their lives.  We want to encourage our friends to come along with us if the Lord lets you join us on our next trip.