A safe and authentic place to encounter Christ.

Campus Ambassadors is a college ministry in Oneonta, New York.

Our goal is to provide an authentic place for college students to encounter Christ.  The years spent at college can be one of the most formidable seasons in a persons life.  In college we start to wonder and ask questions like, “what is it I believe?” “who am I?” and “what is my life about?”   Truth is, we have all been there.  No one goes through life without asking such questions.  Campus Ambassadors is about genuine, organic friendships where we can get real and be honest about our thoughts, our hopes, and our fears.

We provide a safe place to ask such questions, in the hope that young adults may find answers from the Creator who knows them intimately, Jesus Christ.  This club welcomes any college student or young adult (18-27) whatever their beliefs may be. We encourage everyone who gets to know us to really consider Jesus, how he lived, who he claimed to be, and what he did on the cross.

Above all else we desire that students will encounter Christ.  We hope for them to not only encounter Him in our weekly meetings, but we want students to be able to find Him in their hectic daily lives.  These questions that we are asking about meaning and identity can lead us to endless voices wanting to give answers.  We hope to steer young adults to the only one who has the perspective and authority to answer such questions honestly.  Not only is he able to answer questions, but he is able by his unending love to build us into centered, confident, and focused people set on making a difference in this desperate world. My friend stated to me once that, “I have to believe that the story that God is wanting to tell of my life is better and greater than anything I could come up with.”

Feel free to check out more of the website to learn more about our campus ministry, its our hope that if you are looking for some sense of community, that we would be able to help you find a place to call home here in Oneonta.