Next Retreat: Nov 4-6 @Camp of the Woods, Speculator New York


Having just come back from one of the MOST AWESOME retreats of my life, I can wholeheartedly tell you that retreats are an incredible time! Awesome worship. Dope fellowship. Powerful prayer time. Convicting speakers. Great food! Crazy extreme monkey-in-the-middle games. Hilarious playground adventures. Late-night pizza expeditions. Hearth-side marshmallow roasting. Much needed refuge from the everyday stresses of being a college student. Should I keep going or do you get the idea?

In all honesty, getting away to really be with God is a much needed ingredient to see incredible things happen, and that is what retreats are all about. It’s often an incredible spiritual wave that lasts only a weekend, but has a  long lasting impact for the future.

One of the reasons retreats are often SO spiritually powerful is the fact that, for 2-ish days, we stop our regular lives, get out of our comfort zones, and really put 100% of our focus on God.  We get to see him for who He is, what He’s doing in the world and our lives, and what He desires both for and from us. We get filled up, refreshed, encouraged, inspired, convicted, broken, and healed! We go home new people; new creations in Christ Jesus with incredible experiences and stories to treasure and share.

It really is worth it; it’s life-changing! It is worth taking the study break, coughing up the funds (which you can totally fundraise for if need be!) and step away with your brother and sisters in Christ ! I hope you’ll take my word for it and come along for the adventure! If I’m wrong, and it’s terrible, I’ll do 100 push-ups for you 😛 But I’ll bet ya another 100 that that won’t be the case!