What is CA?

There I was, sitting in a living room filled with people I didn’t know watching a televised fight I knew nothing about.  I just graduated high school, moved out of my parents house, and traveled to a school half way across the country to stay in a state I’ve never visited before.  I was completely out of my element, with none of the things I relied upon up to that point in my life to give me any sense of security. I remember wondering how easy it would be to pack up my things, and call my parents to tell them that coming to school was a mistake.  But I stayed; and those men with whom I watched that UFC fight with, are now some of the most important figures in my life.  Over the course of the next three years we really got to know each other’s hopes and goals, fears and failures, and discovered the bond that we all shared in Christ.

Lets face it, coming to college for the first time is a cocktail of emotions.  It is exciting and new, while also scary and confusing.  Its been my experience that this can be a make it or break it season when it comes to finding God.  What is God’s desire for young adults trying to find their way?  What part does He want to play as we take the next step in our education?  Are we even interested in what perspectives He has for us?

Campus Ambassadors, also known as CA, is a Christian fellowship at SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College. We hope to be a lighthouse in the lives of college students while they wade through an ocean unlike anything they have experienced before. What we have is Christ, and what we offer is connection and friendships that help cultivate a relationship with Him.  We do this with weekly fellowship meetings, opportunities to serve others, and a great church to get plugged into.

Not all school schedules are made the same, so we offer many ways for people to connect.  Saturday night hangouts, Girls and Guys Bible Studies, and an off campus weekly meeting that includes a free meal, worship, and small groups on Wednesday nights.

It is our staff’s and student leaders’ mission to make the campus ministry as friendly and welcoming as possible.  You may relate to the story that I shared earlier. I want you to know that God does not intend for you to go at this college experience alone.  We not only have Him, but we also have a chance to connect with those who will encourage and strengthen us the best way possible.

Feel free to contact any of us, or check out one of college ministry events here in Oneonta, New York.